Justin Phame is an artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  At a young age he became fascinated by his surroundings; soaking in classic hand painted signs, typography, large scale billboards, and the graffiti filled streets of New York City. Eventually these influences encouraged his curiosity of displaying artwork in public, and so began his journey. 
In 2008, after many years of traveling across America and painting in various cities, he settled in Vail, Colorado where he was commissioned by Vail Resorts to paint all on hill terrain park features.  
In 2013, Justin relocated to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he started to learn Portuguese and appreciate a diverse street art culture with a long history. Through these experiences, he began to develop his artistic identity while painting in the streets. His abstract work incorporates the movements of fast paced cities combined with the use of bright colors as an attractive way to stand out.  
In 2016, he moved to Porto, Portugal where he currently shares a studio workspace with his wife Bella Amaral. Together, they have a collective called BellaPhame which combines their artwork to develop a new body of work while continuing to explore new mediums.